New Asphalt Precautions

Don't place sharp or pointed objects on your new driveway.

This will be true for at least the first year, and will be especially true when it is hot outside. Don't wear high heels, cleats or any other pointed objects on fresh asphalt.

Be careful of driving near the edge of driveways.

Asphalt contains no structural strength on it's own, it is merely a wearing surface. It can help to make sure edges of driveway have dirt built up to the edges.

Don't park on your new asphalt in the same place all the time.

This would hold especially true for big vehicles like an RV or a Semi bobcat.

Do not allow overweight vehicles on your driveway.

Your driveway is made for auto and light truck traffic, not big trucks. Big trucks will break your driveway.

Don't allow weeds to crowd edge of driveways.

Use a weed killer to eliminate invasive weeds along the edges of your driveway.